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Books published by Routledge (Ashgate)

  • Perceptions of Marginality. Theoretical issues and regional perceptions of marginality in geographical space. Edited by Heikki Jussila, Walter Leimgruber, Roser Majoral (1998/2019)

  • Marginality in Space – Past, Present and Future. Theoretical and methodological aspects of cultural, social and economic parameters of marginal and critical regions. Edited by Heikki Jussila, Roser Majoral, Chris C. Mutambirwa (1999/2018)

  • Environment and Marginality in Geographical Space: Issues of Land Use, Territorial Marginalization and Development at the Dawn of New Millennium. Edited by Majoral Roser, Heikki Jussila, Fernanda Delgado-Cravidao (2000/2017)

  • Globalization and Marginality in Geographical Space. Political, economic and social issues of development in the new millennium. Edited by Heikki Jussila, Roser Majoral, Fernanda Delgado-Cravidão (2001/2017)

  • Sustainable Development and Geographical Space. Issues of Population, Environment, Globalization and Education in Marginal Regions. Edited by Heikki Jussila, Roser Majoral, /Bradley Cullen (2002/2017/2017)

  • Policies and strategies in marginal regions. Summary and evaluations. Edited by Walter Leimgruber, Roser Majoral, C.-W. Lee (2003)

  • Between Global and Local. Marginality and Marginal Regions in the Context of Globalization and Deregulation. Walter Leimgruber (2004/2019)

Books published by other publishers

  • Marginality and Development Issues in Marginal Regions. Edited by Chang-Yi David Chang, Sue-Ching Jou and Yin-Yuh Lu. National Taiwan University, Taipei (1994).

  • Development Issues in Marginal Regions: processes, technological developments and societal reorganisation . Edited by R. B. Singh and Roser Majoral. Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt., Ltd, New Delhi & Calcutta (1996).

  • Disasters, Environment and Development. Edited by R. B. Singh. Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt., Ltd, New Delhi & Calcutta (1996).

  • Development Issues in Marginal Regions II: Policies and Strategies. Edited by Maria Estela Furlani de Civit, Claudia Pedone, Nelso Darío Soria. Universidad de Cuyo, Faculdad de Filosofía y Letras, Departamento de Geografía, Mendoza (1996).

  • Issues of environmental, economic and social stability in the development of marginal regions: practices and evaluation . Edited by Gareth Jones, Arthur E. Morris. Department of Geography, University of Strathclyde, & Department of Geography, University of Glasgow (1997).

  • The Global Challenge and Marginalization. Edited by Marcio Valença, Etienne Nel, Walter Leimgruber. Nova Science, New York (2008).

  • Mountain regions in transformation: Global processes, Regional and Local Impacts and Responses. Edited by Walter Leimgruber, Walter Zsilincsar, Etienne Nel. Shaker, Aachen (2012).

Books of proceedings and abstracts on CD-roms and online

  • Regional development, sustainability, and marginalization. Book of abstracts and program. Edited by Stanko Pelc, Miha Koderman (2016).

  • Spatial, social, and economic factors of marginalization in the changing global context. Book of abstracts and program. Edited by Stanko Pelc (2015).

  • UGI 2011 Santiago, Chile, Conference Proceedings: C08.27 Abstracts, papers & posters (pdf)

  • Geographical Marginality as a global issue (2010)

  • Issues in Geographical Marginality (2007)

Books and articles of other organizations/authors