Excursion 12.29, KRC 2013

Excursion, August 9 to 12: Kyoto-Gifu-Toyama-Ishikawa-Kyoto by a chartered bus

Yasutaka Matsuo – organiser and guide, 8 participants

9 August.

Visit to the Museum of Mino Washi/Japanese paper. “Mino” is the ancient name of the south half region of current Gifu prefecture. Observation, Experience of paper making, Lunch and Visit to a house and mill of the artisan, Masashi Sawamura.

Visit to the regional Development Bureau of Meiho District in Gujo municipality. Exchange with the head of the office, dwellers and NGO members.

Gujo-Hachiman is famous for the Bon dancing. After dinner - the townscape and the Bon dancing at “Imamachi” community.

10 August.

Walk and visit to the Hachiman Castle at the hilly site

Visit to “Miboro” rock-fill Dam and Reservoir. MIBORO Dam-side Park ”Miboro Electric Power Hall”. 174households (230 houses) were submerged and about 1,200people had to move.

Visit to “Shirakawa-go” traditional steep thatched roof houses (“Gassho”-style houses and settlement). World herirage.

Visit to the Taira Local Museum in Nanto municipality, Toyama prefecture.

Stay at “Ainokura” settlement with traditional steep thatched roof houses (World heritage) in a guest house with traditional steep thatched roof named “Nakaya”. Its manager, that is, the head of the household is the chief of the conservation group of “Ainokura” community. After dinner he told us its local history.

11 August.

Visit to Inami temple-gate town. Two hundred wood carvers live there. Visit to the temple, Exhibition of wood carving.

Visit to the Tonami Museum. Tonami Region is famous for dispersed settlements. The observation site named “Yumeno-daira” commands a good view of dispersed settlements.

The head of the Tonami Museum, Masao Shindo showed us the structure and elements of an “Einödhof” of a dispersed settlement at his house.

12 August.

Visit to Senmaida, terraced paddy fields. Beautiful agricultural landscape.

Visit to Wajima. Street stalls.

Visit to a Lacquer, Masao Matsumoto at his lacquer-ware house.

Visit to Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa.