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For report on sessions of C12.29 go to: Kyoto 2013 commission sessions and field trip

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Invitation to the IGU Kyoto Regional Conference 2013 - the Sessions and the field trip of C12.29

The abstract submission is open since October 2012 and "will" close on the 4th of February 2013. The number of the submitted abstracts for the three sessions of C12.29: Marginalization, Globalization and Regional and Local Responses are not so many as expected. Commission members and colleagues are invited to participate and make presentations.

As usual as has been done, selected papers from the C12.29 Sessions at Kyoto Regional Conference 2013 will be published as CD-ROM proceedings. It will be qualified with ISBN. The length of one slot is 90 minutes. Four presentations constitute one slot. 4 or 6 slots are expected in order to compile Proceedings.

Please refer to the table of the Session titles and their connotations that Chair, Prof. Stanko Pelc made.

I. The information about the sessions of C12.29 during the IGU Kyoto Regional Conference 2013 by the Japanese C12.29 liaison member, Yasutaka Matsuo is as follows:

  • 4 -9 August 2013: on 4 and the morning of 5 August: registration

From afternoon of 5 to the morning of 9 August: Sessions of Commissions & Task Forces

  • Conference Theme: “Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the Earth’s Future”

Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto)

I believe Commission members in 2007 remember Japanese presenters who collaboratively made presentations and fruitful discussions and events at Kitami.

This time they also support us and are willing to hold the fruitful meeting again in Kyoto.

I. Sessions of C12.29 at KRC (link)

According to submitted abstracts the scheduled sessions were adpted and are still being revised by the organizers.

  1. Context and methodologies leading to the definition and understanding of process and structure issues in marginality

  2. Spatial and social responses to globalization and marginalization

  3. Rural areas, Development Dynamics, Policy Options and Marginalization [in collaboration with C12.35 Sustainability of Rural Systems]

Note: Date of the sessions of Commissions & Task Forces is organized by the Commissions Committee of KRC. (C12.29’s hope to hold three sessions from 7 to 8 August is expressed in September 2012 but is not guaranteed by the Commissions Committee.)

Deadline for submitting abstracts for papers and posters: 4 February 2013.

The registration and the abstract submission is necessary to be done individually by the participants.

Accommodation: For the period from 5 to the morning of 9 August (four nights), single rooms and twin rooms of the APA Hotel in front of the Kyoto Station are secured for the participants in C12.29.

Those who want to stay there are welcome. As I have to conclude the number of the single rooms and twin rooms in July, please ask Yasutaka Matsuo. One night for a single room is 5400-5900 yen and for a twin room is 9000-10000yen. The price per a day changes a little by the day.

II. The information of the field trip of the C12.29 is as follows;

New information on a separate page

The excursion is prepared since 9 to 11 August 2013. The plan and its itineraries are as follows; the chartered bus starts in the morning of August 9 from the APA Hotel located at the west side of Kyoto Station. We will firstly visit a post-town of Edo era that succeeds in its revitalizing and accepts many visitors. Next place to visit is Seki city famous for cutlery industry. It has the long tradition to do metallurgy of Japanese swords (katana). They demonstrate the sword metallurgy and exhibit to wield the sword. Third place is the Gujo-hachiman city famous as a castle town and for the Bon Festival dance. It is Japanese traditional dance performed in the Bon period as the memorial service for the souls of the family/community ancestors. The dance of Gujo-hachiman is the most famous and grand festival. We will observe and join the dance and stay at the hotel in the central ward of this festival. On 10 August 2013 we will visit the mountain villages where the settlements are mainly composed of thatched-roof farmhouses. The dwellers cherish the traditional landscape and have been exploring the sustainable tradition of their birthplace. We will stay at Ainokura settlement of Gokayama qualified as the World Cultural Heritage. In the evening and in the morning we walk around/roam and steep ourselves in the “l’éspace vecu”. On 11 August 2013 we will visit the Tonami dispersed settlement, which is famous as the homeland (Heimat) of Japanese settlement geography. The director of the Tonami dispersed settlement region Museum will invite us to a typical farmhouse and explain the composition of the elements and the characteristics of the “Einödhof” of Tonami settlement. In the late afternoon/early evening the field trip will finish in front of the Toyama JR station. The bus can also stop at the airport and other station upon your request. The bus will meet your request as much as possible. In the evening of 11 August the flight to Tokyo or the train to Tokyo as well as to Kyoto/Osaka is connected.

Price: 40 thousand yen for the fare of the bus from 9 to 11 and the charge of the hotels on 9 and 10 August including breakfast and dinner of each day.

If you have queries on anything, such as the accommodation and the field visit, please ask Yasutaka Matsuo.

Phone: +81.(0)44.911.1290, fax +81.(0)44.911.0467, Email:

2-1-1 Higashimita, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 214-8580 Japan