KRC Commission business meeting

See the document with the scretatarie's report at the bottom of the page!

  • Welcome

  • Publications

    • Considering Barcelona meeting publication there are no news, the last information from about a year ago was that the publication is just about to be published. As nothing happened since than, the secretary will inform the organizers of the meeting that we are no longer willing to wait and if the publication will not be published by the end of the year to hand us all the papers (including the reviews).

    • The Malaysia meeting publication is also pending. Help at editing was offered by Walter Leimgruber, however, there was no response.

    • The Nainital meeting papers are being edited and as far as we are informed there is interest to publish them by local publishers.

    • The Dubrovnik meeting papers can be published in Croatian Geographical Bulletin, however, only one was recently published and 4 more were submitted to the editorial board.

    • Only few papers from Regional conference in Chile were published on Conference's CD and the papers from Köln Congress were also left to be published individually in geographical journals.

    • The papers from Kyoto are to be published in a book if it will be possible to find financial support in Japan to do so, otherwise we will consider the option to publish these papers and other yet unpublished material in an e-book of proceedings or on a CD with an ISBN number.

  • Next Meetings

    • In October we are joining the 2013 IGU Islands Conference- Oct.1-5, 2013, Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan.

    • The offer to organize next year's meeting in Quebec has been made by Steve Dery, however the starting date is the same day as the last day of the regional conference in Krakow. We were therefore discussing several options - to hold the commission's meeting later or earlier (in September or May - if that is acceptable for the organizer). Secretary Walter Leimgruber will discuss these and maybe some other options with Steve Dery.

    • The 2015 meeting is planned to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina and if there will be no other offer for 2016 we will make contact with IC Agri University to consider the meeting in Eastern Turkey.

    • We will also hold some sessions at regional conferences, possibly with other commissions (Sustainability of Rural Systems, Geography of Tourism)

  • Commission Members “in Action”

    • we had no discussion about the activities of our members.

  • Information about Post-conference Excursion

    • All the necessary information has already been provided by local organizer Yasutaka Matsuo and there was no need for further discussion.

  • Any Other Busines

    • No discussion.

  • Conclusion

    • There is a lot to do considering the publishing matters and the publishing subcommittee (McCleery, Nel, Leimgruber, Pelc) will have to act in order to resolve all the above mentioned issues.

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