Krakow 2014 commission's sessions

Meeting at Krakow regional conference

Our central attention in 2014 is dedicated to Krakow regional conference where we intend to have our annual meeting.

As we were not able to find an appropriate date to organize a conference in Quebec we decided to concentrate all our efforts on the event in Poland. The Regional conference is scheduled for August 18-22 under the title “Changes, Challenges, Responsibility”.

According to the schedule (10-6-2014) our sessions and joint sessions are:


Pre- or post conference excursion (not organised)

We were checking a possibility to organize a 3-4 days pre- or post-conference field trip that would focus on border areas along the boundaries between Czechia, Slovakia and Poland, starting in Krakow and ending at Vienna airport. Unfortunately the feedback we received did not encourage us to proceed with the organization.