Transfer between Ljubljana, Koper and Maribor

For participants that will attend all days of the conference the transfer by bus (minibus/van - depending on the number of participants) will be organized. It is also meant to be an excursion that will reveal some basic features of different areas of Slovenia with special regard to many big differences from natural as well as from socio-economic point of view.

The map shows possible itineraries of the transfers from Ljubljana to Koper and from Koper to Maribor (crossing Dinaric, Mediterranean and Alpine region to finally come to Pannonian part of Slovenia) and the return trip from Maribor to Ljubljana after the closure of the conference.

Slovenia is a contact of four European macro-regions:

  • Alpine

  • Dinaric

  • Mediterranean

  • Pannonian

The final version is going to be published when the final programme of the conference will be set.

Landscape types of Slovenia (Source: Anton Melik Geographical Institute)